Thursday, June 29, 2017

Reunited! and it feels so good.... and so intensely stressful at the same time

We drove almost 1600 miles on our Utah getaway and back to L.A. with no incidents until we tried to back the trailer up the driveway at the house.  Then... disaster struck.  I was doing the backing and Lance had the walkie talkie at the back and was watching the hitch at the deep part of the gutter, concerned about it bottoming out on the driveway.  He was so focused on the ground he didn't notice that the ladder had connected with the trailer and kept telling me to "comeonback". Ugh.  The total damage:
Ladder bent pretty badly, torn in two places

Hole in trailer from ladder puncture
Yeah we manged to punch a hole in the trailer and bend the ladder until it broke in two places.  Sigh.  Another project.  It can wait, we have a house to wrap up and less than three weeks to handle it. The really irritating thing is that I was watching both the mirrors and the camera and at no point did it seem like it was anywhere near jack-knifing.  So lesson learned: RV's don't back trailers the same way trucks back boats.  Let's hope it's not too expensive of a lesson.  

It sort of set in motion this day of bickering.  I find it interesting how we snapped right back into the high-pressure intensity of house projects and a timeline, when just a day ago we had been completely at harmony on the road.  

Time to power through this.  Escrow is scheduled loosely to close on July 17th, today is June 29th so lots to do still.  We scheduled the goodbye party this weekend, and a friend and I will handle the garage sale next weekend while Lance takes our keepsakes and heirloom furniture up to Northern CA in a uHaul, and then the final deep cabinet purge, last rounds of donation runs and big trash day.  

On the upside, look who was waiting for us on the driveway...

Stewie was waiting for us
And he will not be left behind next time.  He's making sure of it by hanging out all over, in and on the bus.

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  1. Ugh, frustrating. There will always be a lesson or a project. Cool part, you're unit together. You already proved you could live in a small space harmoniously. Get back on that road. Life's a journey, so happy for you two. (and Stew). �� ��