Saturday, June 10, 2017

Oh where, oh where has my little Stew gone?

Well, people are starting to arrive in throngs for the open house.  We are all loaded up and the real estate agent is clearly hard at work guiding a bunch of strangers around our home while we watch from the RV across the street, every now and then trolling the neighborhood and calling out for our wandering cat.  We were supposed to be gone before sunrise, it's now almost noon. Stewie is a no-show.

We need to get rolling without him.  I am inconsolable.

A popular stop along I-15 that is dog-friendly and
allows boondocking.  Where else can you get a great
 hamburger, milkshake, enjoy some bee-bop tunes
with the dog, and see dinosaurs on the lawn?

Update: at 9pm the neighbor sent us a photo of a Stewie sighting in the front yard.  He is alive and well, and will be fed and monitored while we are in Utah.  Whew.

We have found that casinos tend to be boondocker friendly

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