Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Offer accepted, house sold

Today we accepted the best offer for our home.
We are proceeding into escrow.

We worked all of this out with the real estate agent while on vacation in Utah, all it took was a phone, a laptop, and a really good real estate agent.  It's strange... it seems like I should feel something but all I feel is annoyance that I have to come back to settle the furniture, tools, etc.

This RV has been a lot more maintenance out the gate than we were expecting and the learning curve has been huge.  The drive out here to Utah was fraught with crazy scary winds and terrifying dropoffs. 

By all accounts I should be sad, or at least feeling something about this house I put so much energy, time and money into over the years.  Instead, all I want do do is keep moving on in my RV, even with its warts and all.  I know we will work through them together.  Hey, a small win, but I got the shampoo dispenser to cooperate this morning finally.  The hydraulic jacks continue to vex us.

The one consolation to our return to L.A., we will throw an epic party to say goodbye to all our SoCal friends and family, and will be reunited with Stewie.

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