Friday, September 30, 2016

The Debate Continues

The debate continues.  
Over time it boils down to several things on which we agree:

No more corporate W2 jobs for Lance.  
Corporations don't allow enough time to actually enjoy life.
From here on out, whatever work he does will be of his own design, and based on a remote platform. More brainstorming required here.

We want to travel. We've always wanted this.
My little company is portable, all I need is internet and a solid computer. As long as I can carve out quiet little windows to work it's manageable.

We don't want to grow old in this house.  
While we love the home that we've made and the friends, family and clients we've surrounded ourselves with, it's still L.A.

While we're working on a map for our plan, it's clear that no matter what we decide to do, we need to first address some medical stuff for Lance. His feet are a mess due to complications related to diabetes. We are facing down at least one surgery, perhaps two, to get him walking on his own two feet again. We've been putting it off for a couple of years now, with the buyout and transition there just hasn't been a good time to take time off of work. Now we can finally make it a priority. Surgery is scheduled on October 7th.

So, the plan is... sell the house and buy a 40' sailboat. See the world.

We want to take our time, choose the right boat.
We need a home base from which to do that.  So let's start with an RV. Then we can take our home with us while we choose the boat and get it ready to go.

Later, the RV will be waiting for us when we come home to visit, we'll have a place of our own to use as home base.

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