Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Joy Along the Way

There have been a lot of random tearful outbursts this last few weeks.

It took a moment, but I finally just realized why I'm struggling with this plan of letting go of a house that is finally beginning to take the shape I want, in order to go in the search of the perfect boat, with a brief stop in an RV on the way.

Aside from dreading the future good-byes, when I look down the horizon, all I see is projects.  Get the house-ready-to-sell-project, a rushed RV project, a potentially long and very unpleasant boat project.

So... new plan. There will be some joy in the RV somewhere along the way.  We will NOT be rushing from the house to the boat (read: boatyard and projects). We will pause and enjoy our beautiful nation from the RV along the way.  And we will be very picky about the boat in order to minimize the pre-launch project time there.

Deep sigh. That's what was missing. Mo' betta.

Now I can see a life that fits, I can imagine some joy riding our motorcycles through the slot canyons of Utah, paddling on a high lake on the SUP and kayak, capturing photos of the early morning light on the water at Mono Lake, hot cocoa around the campfire.

This is a life I can live with.

We have consensus.  We are heading in the same direction.  We have goals and a timeline.
...We have a lot of stuff to purge around here to get this house ready for sale.

So. Much. Stuff.

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