Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Great National Parks' Photopalooza - Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park

We checked in to the Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails park in Tennessee, plugged in and planted ourselves under the a/c for the predicted heat spell. For the first time since leaving Kalispell, Montana two months ago we have all the necessary ingredients in one place: Loretta with Lance's  photography computer, consistent shorepower, mostly solid internet, all the camera's memory cards handy and absolutely nothing else to do - for two whole weeks. Finally, an opportunity to catch up on all the National Parks photos. Thus far all the photos you've seen have come from my phone, here we go with the real cameras. Grab some popcorn. As with all our blogs, if you want to see bigger pictures you can double click any of the pictures for a slideshow.

Glacier National Park

The following Glacier National Park photos were mostly not Shutterstock appropriate for a variety of reasons but we are thought you might like them anyways:
Lake McDonald
The beautiful colored rocks of McDonald Lake
The two above pictures were shot within a few minutes of one another, the top one with Lance's newer camera and mine with the older Nikon D200. These have not been color-edited but both cameras were white balanced shortly before this moment, it's interesting to me how each of them sees color - my camera tends to lean a little magenta while Lance's tends to lean a little green.

St. Mary Lake

Shawna @ St. Mary Lake

The view from Logan Pass

Logan Pass

High Alpine flowers

High Alpine flowers

Chloe has no fear of heights

Loved the colored stones of Glacier National Park

McDonald Creek

Beautifully restored tour buses

St. Mary Lake

Lance and Chloe near St. Mary Lake

High-Altitude flowers

Restored tour bus on Going to the Sun Road

Mr. Toad at the Weeping Wall

Yellowstone National Park

Some additional shots we didn't load onto Shutterstock:
Jelly Geyser

Fountain Paint Pots
Don't remember where we stumbled across this waterfall, somewhere in West Yellowstone

Prong Horn Antelope along the Beartooth Highway

Sage View at Mammoth Campground

Let's go for a walk, daddy!

Elk in Mammoth Hot Springs

Beautifully restored tour buses in Yellowstone

Bison taking over the Beartooth Highway

A little too close dude (at exactly the moment I was shooting this from the driver's seat of the Mini, the big pickup behind me was honking and shouting at me to "Just Go!!!!!"

Visitors in the smokers & dogs section waiting for Old Faithful to erupt
The geyser goes off every 1:10 give or take :10

Chloe portrait @ Old Faithful

Crowds at Old Faithful

Visitors at Midway Geyser Basin

Grand Teton National Park
Click here for the Shutterstock album,
(they only wanted the bison shots)

These pictures are not on Shutterstock, enjoy:
The little sailboat in the foreground is a MacGregor quite similar to one we used to have. The time lapse shows the "MacGregor Dance" beautifully.

View of the Tetons on the Road to Jenny Lake

Herds of bison Relaxing at the Barn at Mormon Row

Next up: Memphis, where we aim to get our fill of Delta Blues and everything Elvis.

Internet Speed Comparison
Cherokee Landing, Saulsbury, TN
Sampled 10/6/19 at 1pm

MB down
MB up
Calyx (Sprint)
Google Fi
Jetpack (Verizon)


  1. awesome. Quite the amazing view of our wonderful America, not a skyscraper or Hollywood sign in sight.


  2. I don’t know what shutterstock criteria is. The view of Logan Pass looks fabulous. All the lakes with mist are captured cool. Really like the colored stones at lake McDonald. The elk on the lawn is funny. I prefer the Pronghorn leap that didn’t make the cut. Makes me want to go there.

    1. Shutterstock's list of criterion is several pages long and the learning curve has been epic. Sometimes they deny one for a reason that makes us both scratch our heads and shrug, such was the case with the pronghorn. Glad the elk made you smile, we really enjoyed living among them.