Friday, February 23, 2018

We're on Shutterstock...finally!

Yesterday was a landmark day.  Lance got his first photo approved for resale on Shutterstock.

This is a big deal because it represents the first win in a long run of learning curves about online photography sales.

Shutterstock was more difficult to get rolling than either of us anticipated.  They rejected so many shots; this one's not sharp enough, that one's too tight - there needs to be some room for the buyers to type on it, the other one has a tiny, almost not visible trademarked logo in the background...

In the end, the first one accepted was such a simple shot, a fishing lure snarled in a branch at the lake's edge.  Lance shot it our first foggy morning in Florida.

Snarled fishing lure, Coe Landing FL, Dec 2017

We both took photography classes at Napa Valley College back in the day, but then we each went on to corporate jobs instead of pursuing photography as a profession, always leaving a "what if..." hanging there in the balance.  I've been published a few times but neither of us has ever sold a photograph.  So we're very excited about this win and the potential it represents.

"Cholo Chicken" (Key West, Jan 2018) was rejected because somewhere on here is a trademarked logo

I'm immeasurably proud of Lance, and feeling so overjoyed about building a life that leaves room for him to pursue this and see where it leads.

He's been shooting lots of video and is becoming quite good with it, too.  Youtubers ...we're coming to you soon!