Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Embrace the Shed

We've been in Lake Okeechobee for a week now, in an adult-only community.  This means lots of peace and quiet, golf carts and perfectly manicured small plots of land with park homes on them. Nothing moves after dark, except the bugs, of which there is a never-ending supply in Florida.

Total peace and quiet. Some friends called this "old Florida".
In Central Florida, even the most modest home is waterfront property.
We picked this landing spot because it was advertised as "lake view", it's even in the name of the place. There is no actual lake view from anywhere on the property.  There are also no restaurants around, so we cook at home - it's better for us anyways.  Worst of all, when we pulled in I was annoyed that part of our parking spot was taken up by a shed. We had to disconnect the trailer in order to settle onto our lot within reach of everything. Irritating.  Until I realized the shed door was not locked, and it was empty inside. Dry, secure (sort of), hooray - I decided that since it's in our spot that makes it MY shed... finally a place to paint and dry my desktop, which we cut out way back in Port Aransas and have been testing out since then.

We even found a woodshop on the property, run by a helpful old man named John, and he had the tools to make short work of the sanding process.  A little paperwork to protect my shed floor, some paint and an overnight fan, voila - desk!

My office space 3.0
Lance installed an external monitor for my laptop because I get squeamish if he moves around the bus while I am squinting at the little laptop monitor. The bigger screen is quite helpful.  Small details of cord/power management need to be worked out still, but the basic layout is working out great - so our third office design was the right one. Two strikes and one home run.

Since today is my 45th birthday, hanging around a place where I'm the youngest by a few decades helps to keep the birthday blues away. Birthday bonus.

So, I am learning again, the path to happiness is to embrace each location for what it is instead of lamenting what it's not.  No restaurants, no lake to play on and nobody to chat with at sundowner hour = no distractions, peace and freedom to get some work and projects done.  It seems I am re-learning the same lesson, perhaps I should take it to heart so I can move on to new ones.


  1. Great post and excellent life lesson for all of us. Hope your birthday was great!

    1. Thanks. It was quiet. That's OK sometimes. We'll find the party down the road somewhere...

  2. Internet Speed Comparison @ North Lake RV Park, Lake Okeechobee, FL
    Sampled 2/1/18, 2:32pm
    AT&T – 0 down, 0 up
    Calyx (Sprint) – 30.1 down, 1.5 up
    Jetpack (Verizon) – 16.0 down, 16.0 up
    Park wifi – 0.45 down, 1.9 up