Monday, January 22, 2018

Key West, where the roosters rule

We made the trek from Key Largo to Key West today.

End of the Road
Said one mannequin to the other "let's catch a ride"
The down-home sound of roosters is Key West's soundtrack

Typical Key West architecture

Cholo Chicken taking charge of his corner

Next stop, Cuba
Key West Lighthouse, Round 2.  The first one was washed away in a hurricane long ago. They therefore placed this one inland a bit.

Lance and Chloe at the Southernmost Beach

Pelicans hangin' out

On our way home, at the beginning of 7-mile bridge (you may recall it from the movie True Lies - they blew up a portion of the old one in the movie) , all the dash warning lights started flashing on the Subaru.  So we'll be hunting down a repair shop tomorrow. Good thing we made it home safely, that long and narrow bridge was not the place for a breakdown.

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