Thursday, December 7, 2017


I don't know about you but I keep a mental list of all the animals I run into. There is nothing I like better than adding an animal to the list.
Elk Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon didn't disappoint, nothing new for the list, but a few old friends.  Elk so tame they didn't even react to Chloe the wonder dog. A bald eagle soaring overhead, crazy Tassel Eared squirrels, coyotes vocalizing at night, all free for the price of admission. As we travel across the country the fauna is slowly changing.

Wild Turkey Bodega Bay
 The finches here in New Mexico have a splash of red on their heads, just a little different from the ones at home, the jack rabbits are much larger than their cousins in California. When I first started diving I was astonished at the diversity of life in the kelp forests along the North coast, seals, sea lions, jelly fish, wolf eels, abalone, black sea bass, moray eels, rock fish, the list is endless. Hundreds of dives later I am never bored. I don't think I'll be adding to my list quite as fast as I was when I dove regularly, but they'll come.
Big Horn Sheep Joshua Tree 

A late addition! An 80-pound javelina tried to commit suicide into the bus on highway 90 outside of the town of Del Rio, no photo, too busy pooping myself. One more for the list.

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