Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brookings, OR, land of Sasquatch, fog and fishing

The drive from Trinity Lakes to the coast was one of the most beautiful roads I've ever seen.  Many times I wished I'd been on the motorcycle instead of the Subaru, and Lance was surely thinking the same thing while driving the bus and trailer.  Highway 299 follows Pine Creek and then the Mad River and it's just breathtaking.

Paddlers on the Mad River
Chloe actually leans into the curves. She's done this in my sports car since she was a puppy.  We've always thought she'd make a good motorcycle dog, we just need to figure out a way to do it safely and we haven't finished thinking that one through yet. 
Dog is my copilot
Highway 101 was under major construction here and there where the road simply washed down the cliff and vanished.  Around Arcata we hit the fog, and it was a welcome break from the heat.  We settled in at Brookings, OR where the ambient temperature is 63 degrees and foggy.  This RV park is about 1/3 park model homes, very quiet and peaceful here, we bring down the average age by at least 20 years and Chloe brings up the average dog size by at least 15 lbs.

Across the street are restaurants, bars and the marina which is currently setting up for some sort of a pirate event.  The internet is very fast here with all 3 methods, which means unlimited Calyx (yay).  Lance's foot is making good recovery progress, finally, resting, elevation, tight control of the blood sugar and staying off the motorcycle are all helping.  We like it here, we are going to extend our stay past Labor Day if they'll have us. This is a good spot to hole up and hide from the summer heat for a little while, make medical and work progress, and consider our next direction.

The Marina at Brookings, OR
Oh, and the solar eclipse is coming... we won't be fully in the path of totality, but we'll be close enough to enjoy an almost complete solar eclipse on the 21st.


  1. Beautiful scenery. You found a great spot to park the RV. Enjoy!
    Christy and family