Friday, July 14, 2017

The pretty shoes made the final cut

Packing the bus has gotten creative. I try to think backwards about everything - when we go looking for this later, where will we look first? Where will it be at hand when it is likely to be most useful?

So perhaps my packing won't make sense to some. But to me it makes perfect sense.

Where will you go looking for the baking pans? When you go to bake, so... oven storage for the lasagna pan then.

When will you go looking for the beach towel? With the beach stuff of course...  so outside in the "let's have some fun" basement compartment then.

Where will I go looking for my pretty shoes? Well, that caused a conundrum because I don't get pretty often.  In the end I came to the conclusion that Lance will be dressed up too, so the pretty shoes and clutch are going in a superbig ziploc-style storage bag with his suit, in the compartment under the bed.

These really big storage bags are awesome. I found mine at the dollar store and my favorites are the ones you just roll up or lay on to compress, no vacuum required.  I have used them to triple my storage capacity for seasonal clothing, and I am really looking forward to donning a sweater and fuzzy socks again someday.


  1. Hope you trip is going great

  2. The bus is all loaded. The trailer all tricked out. The house is empty. We roll out in the morning. Anxious, excited, nervous, and happy.