Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Eastward Ho!

Northern California missions accomplished: plenty of loving lavished on family, medical attention received, trailer packed with scuba and boat gear, belongings deemed unnecessary for the foreseeable future sold. With tears in our eyes and a jaunty wave goodbye we pulled away from family and eased Loretta onto the freeway.

Kayakers paddle through the mooring field at Morro Bay

Each morning we were greeted by sunning vultures in the tree next to our campsite

First stop: Morro Bay for some camping time with the SoCal cousins. This is another one of those beautiful little towns I've often travelled through on my way to somewhere else but never stopped to study before. It's an adorable town with thriving waterfront restaurants, boat services and lots of kayakers paddling about. We pedaled around Morro Bay by bicycle and later explored the surrounding hills by motorcycle.

We sold Betty in Northern California, so all our riding for a while will be two-up

Avila Beach is just a short motorcycle ride from Morro Bay

Then we turned Loretta East. There are some notable Spring storms between us and Minerva so we'll be running and ducking to avoid the worst of them on our way across.

The landscape becomes quite surreal in Arizona.
These strange formations greeted us on our way into Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Loretta was reunited with the motorcycle trailer for the next lap.
This is how we roll.


  1. We will be following you (stalking you) as you travel. Be safe. Sharon in Nevada

  2. Hope all the Covid regulations are lifted soon so you can enjoy your travels. Miss you already.

    1. Miss you too. Wish I could he everywhere at the same time. Promise to visit.