Friday, June 21, 2019

Mount Shasta's Majestical Views

Our next stop on the way North was Weed, a little town just off Interstate 5 within a beautiful view of Mount Shasta.

"The Reunion"

Just outside of town we found the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden. The sculptures were made by veteran Dennis Smith and pay homage to veterans of all types, it was a tranquil and thought-provoking installation, especially stunning with Mount Shasta holding court in the background.

"The Greatest Generation"

My folks discovered the sculptures with us, and the after-dinner goodbyes were especially hard this time since the next jump will put us out of range for casual visits. We've become spoiled with all the family access.

Castle Lake is gin-clear

The next day we discovered Castle Lake, a quick drive from Weed, at 5440' elevation. Lance shot some drone footage from the shoreline and tried some fly-fishing - no luck this time. Chloe and I bagged the peak above the lake, another 1000' higher or so, and she even found some snow to frolic in along the way.

Chloe loves snow
Castle Lake as seen from about 6200' - almost at the peak

Beautiful little orchid-like flowers at about 6200' elevation above Castle Lake

Throughout this journey I've been keeping track of our internet speed samplings, it's always the first thing I do when setting up my desk at a new location and I keep a handwritten journal on these readings. It just occurred to me that Rhumbline readers might be interested in this info too, so I will be adding these samplings to future blogs. Here's the speed test for Weed, CA - I'll go back and add them in the comment section of previous posts as I get around to it.

Internet Speed Comparison
Trailer Lane RV Park, Weed, CA
Sampled 6/13/19 at 4:25pm

MB down
MB up
Calyx (Sprint)
Google Fi
Jetpack (Verizon)
Park Wifi
Park Wifi Ext2

From here we are heading West and North along the Oregon and Washington coasts, possibly into Canada at Vancouver (we're still considering that). We heard the first fire watch warnings yesterday so that's our cue to flee California for a while.


  1. Didn’t know of that sculpture garden, nice find.
    I don’t understand the WiFi speed language, yet I’m sure the campground reviews group would love that info. Sorry to hear after all that rain that CA is already issuing fire warnings.

    1. We showed the speed reports to the park, too, and his response was "is that good?" so don't feel like you're alone in this. Basically it comes down to this: anything over 3MB down means we can stream HD movies. I need at least 1.5MB down AND 1.5MB up to get any bookkeeping work done. Lance needs at least 3MB up to upload videos. Higher numbers means we can do more than one thing at the same time - with readings like this Lance can upload videos while I my bookkeeping work, and at the same time Alexa can be playing background music.

  2. Myt Shasta is magical! Great pix. We’ll check out the sculpture garden next time we go. Miss you guys! -Laurel

    1. Miss you too Sis. Hope you're settling into your new place well. Send some pix when you can find a moment!