Friday, May 10, 2019

Short-Leash Outing to Monterey

The day's fresh offerings at Phil's Fish Market
For our next short-leash outing we selected Monterey, California and we stayed with the Elks. The Lodge clings to the mountain between Monterey and Carmel, and my daily walks with Chloe included some breathtaking views of the beach. Of course each time the view revealed itself through the fog I was without my camera or phone so there are no pictures; but the image is seared into my soul all the same.

A long-time family favorite here was Phil's Fish market, and we mistakenly arrived on a Saturday. Ever since Phil beat Bobby Flay in the cioppino throwdown my family's favorite restaurant secret is out, and now the space we used to share with a few bikers and locals is overrun by tourists from far and wide, on a weekend the lines can be over an hour long. Next time we'll plan better to arrive on a Monday and enjoy the live music and a more local crowd.

As seen on my daily walks with Chloe

Try NOT taking a seagull picture in Monterey. They're quite insistent.

The Old Fisherman's Grotto, another family favorite on the Monterey Wharf

A nod to the sardine history of Cannery Row
The Monterey Customhouse is the oldest government building in California and was the first designated historical landmark in California

Gramma and Lance making clam chowder
Of course the best part about this trip was getting to spend lots of time with Gramma. That might be my favorite part of this mobile lifestyle, there's time to spend where you want to spend it, and at 93 Gramma still whoops us all at dice games.


  1. Uggh, Phil beat Bobby Flay. Great for him, rough for us. Hope it’s better on a Monday. Nothing like fresh cioppino sitting at a picnic table. 🦞

  2. That's for sure. Chloe considered it her personal mission to keep the seagulls away from us on the patio.

  3. At Phil`s,some of the locals have learned to place a to go order and now its good to go in half the time. OOPS.I let the secret out

    1. Yeah I saw them carrying out buckets of ciopino, and considered carefully our tiny RV freezer. Alas I couldn't make the bucket Tetris work. :(