Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pioneertown, CA

We are still meandering South and East towards the Grand Canyon, our Thanksgiving destination.  We have some time, so we decided to spend a few days in Pioneertown on the way.

Lance and Chloe relaxing on Mane Street in Pioneertown
Pioneertown is an adorable Western village built for the purpose of movie-making in the 60's.  After the filming was done, why not just make it into a proper town?  It's easy to find, just 15 minutes NorthWest of Palm Springs, an easy drive from LA.

The bus and trailer in Pioneertown, we probably won't be needing the boats for a few days
There's an adorable little motel, a small downtown with dirt streets, wood sidewalks and buildings, live gunfights on the weekends, horses, goats and chickens, and anchoring it all is Pappy & Harriet's restaurant and bar.  During the summer months there's live music nearly every night. This time of year they are sold out far in advance as everyone comes out to enjoy the perfect weather.
Pappy & Harriet's Bar
Some friends came out to meet us and we all enjoyed the dusty little village for a few days. There's plenty of room to spare, endless dust and desert.  It gets pretty cold in the desert at night, I'm glad we have good heat in the RV.  Wait... on day 2 of 3 one of the heaters stopped working. Uh oh. Well... it's a fur pile on the bed then for this last cold night here, bring on both cats and the dog...

Stewie sharing the warmth on a cold desert morning

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