Sunday, October 29, 2017


On Tuesday we saw the podiatrist for the (hopefully) last time ever.  Lance's foot is healed!

Well, there's one tiny little spot left.  So insignificant the doctor doesn't even want to schedule a follow-up.  It feels so strange to finally be free to go wherever we want, finally.  It was October 3rd 2016 when the first surgery was conducted on the right foot, a grand total of one year and 20 days passed until we were given the green light for two normal shoes.  We toasted our newfound freedom with a cocktail at sunset on a beachmat at the river's edge.

Our peaceful riverside retreat at Duck Island RV Park in Rio Vista, CA
Our new spot at Rio Vista is a slice of riverside heaven; peaceful, and not on fire, thankfully, at least not yet anyways.  Let's hope that means our curse is broken.

This morning we pulled the motorcycles out of the trailer.  First we had to wash the Oregon wildfire ash off of them, then we went for a ride along the levee, a simple and easy ride to get reacquainted with the bike.  I was just getting into the rhythm of the ride and was appreciating the way the light made the corn on the riverside glow while it waved slightly in the light breeze. I was feeling at peace when I got to giggling remembering...

A couple of years ago I took a slow-speed motorcycle handling course in Pasadena CA, Betty was the only KLR.  All the other bikes were sleek city bikes; fast, light, and low.  And then there was Betty and me. I never did fit in with the rest of the Angelenos. I'm too big and I don't care a lick for fashion, the latest trend or whether there's grey in my hair.  My motorcycle is tall and has an especially large front wheel - she's designed for all terrain.  In fact, one of the things that attracted me to this bike is the fact that she can go ANYWHERE, and KLR owners take their bikes adventuring all over the world. I can just about push her into any bike shop anywhere in the world and someone there will know how to fix any potential ails she might come up with, if I can't figure it out on the trail myself, and the parts are likely on hand.  Simple.  But that day in motorcycle school it was painfully obvious what outsiders she and I were among the sleek city people and their sleek city bikes.  One of my classmates made a crack "what, are you riding that thing out in the cornfields or what?" and snickered.
Betty and the street bikes
So here I am today riding along the levee and appreciating the light on the cornfields and the slow moving river and thinking to myself... I'm free and I'm just exactly where I belong.  I could totally ride off this levee and onto the dirt fields if I WANTED to, or anywhere in the world at all.  Finally Two Shoes Lance is free to ride with me, and we can go anywhere.  It got me to giggling, and I just couldn't stop myself, this is what freedom feels like.  Right about then I see Lance pump his fist in sheer joy.

We are free.


  1. So happy you two have found your stride. Glad you could be on the west coast when you were needed. Have fun with the future adventures. They will be marvelous.

  2. We expect you to catch up to us here and there. xoxo