Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This thing handles like a bus!

This vehicle is sooooooo big.

So we closed the deal on our coach on Tuesday, Lance had his (hopefully) last round of foot surgery on Wednesday, it was delivered by the previous owners last Sunday, and I've been driving it around the neighborhood trying to get a feel for it.

One thing is for sure... this thing is huuuuuuge. It's 34'... 4' longer than we wanted, but most of the other stars were aligned so we bought it anyways.  I suspect we'll be grateful for the extra space when we've been full-timers for a while, but for now I feel like I'm wheeling a bus around in L.A. traffic.  Because I am.

Now that we have it home and have begun crawling all over it, we see that the six tires range from 7, 9, to 12 years old. Even though the tread looks good, everything I read leads me to believe the likely fail point is the sidewalls from sun damage. We did buy this RV from the desert, and upon closer inspection I can see cracks in the sidewalls here and there.  So it's a new round of tires for us.

six tires = $2500
new tie rod ends, alignment, mount and balance = $800
tire pressure monitoring system = $300
Not having THAT rollover experience = priceless
The bus slips past the gate with two inches to spare on the fence,
and comes to rest with less than an inch between the bus and the house

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